About us

INTERMEK SA is a Company active in sector of marble processing, cement and aggregate industries by selling, repairing and servicing mechanical equipment. The company is established in Kavala in northern Greece.

Undertakes and coordinates construction projects in Greece and abroad, in order to renovate or repair or upgrade treatment facilities. Provides education and knowledge transfer process issues and production units.

The commercial department is representing most of the major international brands and offers complete solutions in equipping all the production phases of the marble, cement and aggregates products industry.

The customer service department is one staffed with experts, trained in organized repair shops and aiming at the satisfaction of the clients’ demands-needs. The main goal of the department is the immediate response to the repairing and preservation problems-needs of the installed machines.

The company’s main concern remains to promote the best service to our clients: covering all their needs in mechanical equipment of peak technology and also taking the responsibility for their best function and service.